Over more than a decade at Caltech, Fluid Efficiency's founding team focused on designing molecules to make fuels safer and easier to move.  The result is MegaSupraMolecules (MSMs), a suite of molecules that makes fuels safer, improves the viscosity index of lubricants, and makes oils easier to move through pipelines.


MSMs are made up of smaller units ("long telechelic end-associative polymers") that self-assemble into very large supramolecules that improve the material properties of organic liquids.  The individual units are small enough to resist degradation even under high-temperature, high-shear conditions like engines and pumps.


Wei et al. (2015) Megasupramolecules for safer, cleaner fuel by end association of long telechelic polymers. Science, 350 (6256). pp. 72-75. ISSN 0036-8075.